Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good things come to those who wait

Well it's been about 6 months now and our home design is hopefully in it's last stage with final plans due in about 1 week (fingers crossed). It's been quite a long road so far after changing home designs from NBG 'Norfolk' to the 'Windsor'. While the Norfolk is bigger at 56sq we have tweaked the plans of the Windsor to suit our large family with 7 daughters much better. Original plan without changes is pictured above.  Having 5 bedrooms all with wir will be a big plus with our girls (kids rooms are all upstairs). We've added a coat/mud room for them to throw all their stuff into once they are home from school (will be much used!). We have gone large with the kitchen with heaps of bench space (around 15 metres in total) and added a wip. A good sized study upstairs for the girls and their own balcony off the back of the house. Our bedroom is down stairs aaaahh bliss ♥ The original plans had an insanely wide entry with large staircase in the middle - we changed it by pushing the staircase to the side and added another small study for me to work out of home from. 

Can't wait to get out of this crappy little 3 bedroom rental. Sometimes I think we were crazy to sell up and do this but have to keep thinking of the big picture. This is our 3rd build and I know it's a game of patience.....but we have a few extra kids this time. The baby is 7 months old now and I am hoping she is not going to start crawling until she is 18 months - when we're out of here! This rental has yucky, yucky carpet! Hopefully we will be in our sexy new house by this time next year ☆